"The power of your imagination is limitless and your thoughts are the keys to creation."  Creativity is the root of my life, and now I want so express my passion through a style of art that I stumbled upon years ago. Through incorporating bits and pieces of three styles, including: native, contemporary and urban design, I formed a feeling which ultimately created a one of a kind. By using lines & dots that twist & flow, I form abstract creatures that constantly grow. There is never a need for me to start out with a sketch or rough draft because the experience of creating my work is all based on the present moment, embracing the feeling of spontaneity. A practice that I will always learn and grow from. Through my fascination with colors and shapes of all kind, from digital creations to the world that surrounds us all, I find myself constantly pushing my imagination to new limits. My desire to learn is only growing. The word balance, and the meaning behind it, is my new daily practice. Through my physical body, my emotional state and my visual creations, I focus on harnessing the balance within.

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